Invictus Star

Isolde NHSB 2858691 X Jaitze NHSB 2739141.

Uit deze combinatie is 1 reutje geboren; Invictus Star - Uniek

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Het Beyond Nest

Isolde NHSB 2858691 X Karel Donder van de Trompeborgh NHSB 279245.

From this combination nine puppies were born, 7 females and 2 males.

Puppy ''Red"

Unfortunately, the smallest puppy "Red" died after a week.

Beyond a Crush

NHSB 3082209

Call sign: Sinne

Beyond Dawn

NHSB 3082208

Call sign: Yfke

Beyond Bliss

NHSB 3082204 reu

Call sign: Toby

Beyond Dreams

NHSB 3082206

Call sign: Doutzen

Beyond Belief

NHSB 3082210

Call sign: Femke

Beyond Magic

NHSB 3082205

Call sign: Foekie

Beyond Aurora

NHSB 3082207

Call sign: Dieke

Nebula Beyond

NHSB 3082203 reu

Call sign: Buddy