The Dream Litter: Isolde X Hoppe Beau  fan't Peelhiem

From the combination Isolde- Berber X Hoppe Beau fan't Peelhiem NHSB 3023629 are born on 17 february  9 puppy's, 2 males and 7 females.

Puppy ''Red"

Puppy ''Orange''

Puppy ''Yellow'' male

Puppy ''Green"

Puppy ''Blue"

Puppy  ''Indigo''

Puppy ''Violet''

Puppy ''Bordeaux''

Puppy 'Brown'' male

Father Hoppe Beau

Hoppe Beau ( HD - A)  is 3 years old and only recently certified to studdog, during this inspection of becoming a studdog it was noticed that he is a free Stabij with a lot of enthusiasm and desire to work. Despite the fact that Hoppe Beau - (Kobus) does not have a hunting diploma, he shows a lot of hunting passion and will to retrieve. He prefers to walk around with a ball in his mooth that he offers to his owner in the hope that he can pick it up and bring back.

He has also showed to have a good nose on a  trail-track, he immediately woked it out and got to the end of the trail with swift and passion. It is an energetic, sweet, social and work-loving male.


Hoppe Beau fan't Peelhiem
Hoppe Beau fan't Peelhiem

Isolde - Berber
Isolde - Berber

Interested ?

If you are interested in a real Hunting-Workpuppy and really want to be active by hunting or participating in the dog hunting sport you can always contact us via the contact form.