Isolde - Berber NHSB 2858691

Isolde is a beautiful, intelligent and above all confident bitch from the combination Elbrich van het Winaldhuhiem X Dries Borke Fan'e Alde Leane.

Show qualifications and HD results are better then required. She has HD A with a Norbergvalue of 33,0 with no bone abnormalities and something really quit rare within the breed: no insufficient connection!


Isolde has a nice character she is naturally very stable and confident with a huge passion to hunt. She has a immense desire to work and will do absolutely everything for her owner. She is really a dog with a massive '' will to please''. All this qualities together make her an exceptional good working dog and a absolute pleasure to work with.


KJV A  Diploma

When she was just two years old she did her first KJV test (Royal Hunting Association test) with a fantastic result, she got 73 points in the B. Her 2nd and 3rd test she got 71 points in the B with this points she managed to end for three consecutive times in one row in the top 4. This is a very remarkable score especially considering that at each trial there are approximately 80 dogs that compete from all kind of breeds. She is the first Stabyhoun bitch ever in history that managed to do this.

By so to perform successively, she also shows her stable character again.


In 2017 Isolde wrote history again but this time for an even remarkable echievement by being the first Stabijhoun to obtain a KJV A- Diploma in 12 years! She became champion because she was the only dog who managed to find the pigeon and was the only dog to obtain an A diploma. For this extraordinary achievement she recieved the first prize for the highest A.



In addition to the KJV trials she has been and stills is many times out in the field on different kind of hunts with all sorts of wild game. During this hunts she demonstrated to have lots of passion and a firm dedication to her work.


Her offspring shows to have an has already proven to have a stable character and to have the proper work-will ans skills to achieve more in the future.